IntroductionKaikai's fairyland opens the door of science and technology for hundreds of millions Chinese children to understand nature. Kaikai is the name of a dog, which runs as guide through the whole website. Children can play games and explore science with Kaikai in this website, and at the same time cultivate curiosity and grow confidence.


Do you know why the stars blink? Do you know that leonardo Da Vinci painted eggs for 6 years? This is a lifelike encyclopedia television! Watch anime, gain knowledge, learn idioms, and you can also know a lot of scientists ! ...[Learn more]


With the story telling from the Kaikai’s fairyland, we can lie in the bed with mom and fall asleep slowly. There are nursery rhyme, fairy tale, star story and 《The Records about Insects》! ...[Learn more]


Make the handwork and experiments with Kaikai, you will become more dexterous! Jigsaw puzzle, Afghanistan cloth ring, tornado... So many scientific experiments are waiting for you to do it together! ...[Learn more]


How beautiful wallpapers! I want to decorate it on my desktop and play science with Kaikai every day! ...[Learn more]


Here, a lot of funny games are waiting for you! Adventure , puzzles, coloring, whatever you want! Come on and try! And an alien friend –Eddy is waiting for you to adventure with him. ...[Learn more]


In kaikai's bookshelf there are 76 wonderful books waiting for you to open. Come on! Let's meet lightning scouts, visit forest and Marine animals, learn about sounds, and experience flig ht! Let's become the happy master of science! ...[Learn more]

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To answer the "hundred thousand whys" from children, whether it is little things in daily life, or interesting phenomenon of animals and plants

The polar bear
This film introduces the morphology, life habit and difficult situations of the polar bears, to call attention to the global warming problem, and protect our survival environment...[Learn more]